Reading labels -The Allergy Mom's Cross to Bear

Maybe it's just me, but after having a child with food allergies I READ EVERY LABEL on EVERYTHING!   Not just food labels, but hand soaps, lotions, dishwashing liquid, silly putty....literally everything that has ingredients!    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but it has made me VERY AWARE of what is in the products we use on a daily basis.   Some of it is disgusting!    I have ranted in the past about the warning labels on household cleaners....super toxic!!   (that's why I love Norwex....check it out:     (Have to plug by beloved Norwex!).....   

Last night my hubby came home with some dishwasher detergent powder (upon my request) and once again, I felt the need to read the label.   I have been experimenting with different green dishwashing powders but haven't been happy with the results....but when I read what is in the regular stuff...I can't do it!   I'm taking it back to the store today.   The warnings on the package are insane.   Why would I want to wash my dishes in a product that should not be touched, inhaled, allowed to come in contact with skin or clothing, and can create harmful fumes if mixed with dishwashing liquid!!   There is a good chance that could happen since I AM WASHING DISHES for goodness sakes!!!!     Craziness!!! 

My mom told me a little tip yesterday that I plan to try this afternoon with my green dishwashing detergent that I will buy today.....add vinegar to the rinse agent receptacle (I do not use rinse agents anymore b/c they are super toxic).....   she said this should help improve the performance of the natural dishwashing products.   

At the end of the day, I would rather my forks looked spotty then sparkling with chemical soup all over them.   YUCK.   It's enough to make you sick.   Really.

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  1. Tried the vinegar and it worked fabulously!!! Sparkly cutlery!! Yay! (used with ecovert dishwashing powder blocks)....


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