Tim Hortons, Graphing and Allergies

This post really doesn't have alot to do with allergies but it is Roll Up the Rim time so I thought I'd share this idea with parents.   If you are avid coffee drinkers as we are and share our ritual of a Tim's coffee to start the day (as I believe most honest Canadians do!)...   you may want to get your kids involved in the fun of Roll up the rim.  For some reason, my children think it's very exciting to see if we win so we have started keeping track of our wins (actually we haven't won yet!!!)....but this teaches your kids about surveying ...."Dad, did you win yet?"  "Mom, did your cup win today?"....then you can take this survey info and make a graph to display your wins and losses....   This is a great beginning math activity for your little ones and can be a fun competition between mom and dad!   Thought I'd share this idea with you....as for the connection with allergies.   Well, Tim Hortons basically says, if you have allergies...don't eat here.   Fair enough but we still get Kate an apple juice and Mom and Dad have our daily fix....  

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