Balancing our Fears

 Music credits:  Barenaked Ladies "Allergies"

 Allergies and Anaphylaxis are scary, no doubt about it.  Whether it is an acute fear at the time of an emergency or a more chronic fear of the risks, this has a profound affect on us. How does this fear change the way we interact with others, the way we behave, the way we carry ourselves?  Where does this fear manifest itself in our physical bodies?  How would we act differently if we didn't have this fear?  These are the questions explored in this short video clip.  With a discussion of our sympathetic nervous system which hardwires us to be fearful and the balancing effects of the parasympathetic nervous system, the Allergy Mom goes deeper....the issues truly do lie in our tissues.  If you are suffering from fear or anxiety and would like to connect with the Allergy Mom to discuss this or for a referral to someone in your local area, please contact via:  For other offerings related to yoga and therapy, visit

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  1. Hi there! I have two eldest is 16 with mulitple food allergies...dairy, egg, beef, lamb, sesame, fish, shellfish, peanut/tree nuts, mustard and raspberry. He also suffered for many years with eczeman. My second son is 14 and has a peanut/tree nut allergy...both have asthma.

    I have just recently discovered your blog...I would like to award you with the 'Very Inspiring Blogger' Award. You are very inspiring in all that you do to raise awareness of food allergies in the general public all the while navigating the world of food allergies in your daily life. I have posted the rules today...come on over and view the other 14 nominations and be prepared to be inspired. Susan H. @ The Food Allergy Chronicles.

  2. Susan! Thank you sooooo much! You made my day :) I am always excited to get a comment on my blog and this was just a lovely surprise. Thank you also for sharing about your boys and their allergies. Did you subscribe to my newsletter? If not please come back to my website and sign up! You get a free vid too :)!!


You're awesome! Thanks for sharing your comment!