Out for dinner

We are going out for dinner tonight with some friends and their 2 kids...then bowling after.   Life with an allergy child means packing a meal for such occasions, snacks and dessert so that she is not left out ...   Although tonight we are going to East Side Mario's and believe it or not, my daughter can actually eat there!   We rarely allow her to eat in restaurants...way too risky with cross-contamination but a friend of ours actually owns 2 franchises of East Side Mario's and he recommended that we try it out.  He said they are very careful and the pasta and regular tomato sauce are dairy, egg and nut free.   We have been several times and it is a real treat for our daughter to have the joy of going to a restaurant and eating out like everyone else.   I do still get nervous as there is so much cheese in that place but when am I not nervous about her eating something I haven't prepared myself...'tis the life of an allergy mom....
From the East Side Mario's website: Where do I find information on food allergies?
Each restaurant has a document called the Ingredients Listing Manual which list all of the ingredients in our core menu items. This document also lists the allergens within each item.

Too many things on the go!!!

Welcome to my new blog!  I am busy trying to get a million things done and loving every minute of it!   On the go right now:
  • adding content to my www.theallergymom.com site (it is not up yet)
  • figuring out twitter (found some great allergy info on there...dairy,egg & nut free easter bunny chocolates from blue bear aware.com! and enjoying other moms' blogs about their allergy kids)
  • trying to get the launch of the new fun-school.ca website complete...handing over the reigns to the supervisor so that they have full control of the site now that I have completed designing it 
  • getting organized for the launch of my other new site for web design business
  • and getting this blog started!  Can't wait to create a new template for it!

Today I have spent my time online trying to get my Live Norwex site some attention.   As a mom of children with allergies and eczema, I have searched far and wide for green household cleaners, laundry detergent, etc that would be safer for their sensitive skin.  My friend Ginette introduced me to Norwex and I fell in love with their products.   I started out with the laundry detergent and the basic antibac package consisting of 2 microfiber cloths (the antibac enviro cloth for dusting and cleaning and the window polishing cloth for mirrors, glass and chrome)...

Finding Norwex has changed my life.   I no longer buy ANY chemical cleaners for our home and am able to clean my whole house using only these 2 cloths and water!  If you have chemical sensitivies, allergies, eczema or asthma, I highly recommend you learn more about Norwex.  

Please get in touch if you are interested in chatting about chemical-free cleaning with me!