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Reading labels -The Allergy Mom's Cross to Bear

Maybe it's just me, but after having a child with food allergies I READ EVERY LABEL on EVERYTHING!   Not just food labels, but hand soaps, lotions, dishwashing liquid, silly putty....literally everything that has ingredients!    I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing but it has made me VERY AWARE of what is in the products we use on a daily basis.   Some of it is disgusting!    I have ranted in the past about the warning labels on household cleaners....super toxic!!   (that's why I love Norwex....check it out: http://melissascheichl.norwex.biz).     (Have to plug by beloved Norwex!).....   

Last night my hubby came home with some dishwasher detergent powder (upon my request) and once again, I felt the need to read the label.   I have been experimenting with different green dishwashing powders but haven't been happy with the results....but when I read what is in the regular stuff...I can't do it!   I'm taking it back to the store today.   The warnings on the package are insane.   Why would I want to wash my dishes in a product that should not be touched, inhaled, allowed to come in contact with skin or clothing, and can create harmful fumes if mixed with dishwashing liquid!!   There is a good chance that could happen since I AM WASHING DISHES for goodness sakes!!!!     Craziness!!! 

My mom told me a little tip yesterday that I plan to try this afternoon with my green dishwashing detergent that I will buy today.....add vinegar to the rinse agent receptacle (I do not use rinse agents anymore b/c they are super toxic).....   she said this should help improve the performance of the natural dishwashing products.   

At the end of the day, I would rather my forks looked spotty then sparkling with chemical soup all over them.   YUCK.   It's enough to make you sick.   Really.

My belated Rant on the Chatelaine Magazine Article

I consider myself to be laid back when it comes to others' opinions, in fact I rather love a good debate.  I am not easily offended either and see differing opinions as a way to learn from others and potentially gain an alternative perspective (for example the H1N1 vaccination debate).   This being said, I was ABSOLUTELY APPALLED by a recent article in Chatelaine Magazine.   I can't remember the last time I had such a strong reaction to something in print.   I can't locate the article as it has been taken off their website but check out some of the reactions at the links below.    I have heard time and time again, parents complaining about what their kids can't bring for lunch and I understand that it is hard to realize how life threatening allergies can be if you have not experienced it.  I myself did not realize the full extent of the risks until my daughter had her anaphylactic reaction in June.   Media like this that dismisses the severity of food allergies is not ok.   People need to be informed that even minimal contact with an offensive food is like poison to that child.   My daughter ate ONE SMALL BITE of a food containing almonds and it nearly killed her.   I am happy to see that there has been a strong reaction to this article and I hope that Chatelaine has taken appropriate steps to inform their readers of the TRUE DANGERS and realities for children with food allergies!!



Allergy safe Chocolate Easter Bunnies

I just bought 2 bunnies for my kids for Easter...this way my allergy kid gets the same as her big bro and I don't have to worry about cross-contamination.
Can't wait to see their chocolatey faces at Easter!

Tim Hortons, Graphing and Allergies

This post really doesn't have alot to do with allergies but it is Roll Up the Rim time so I thought I'd share this idea with parents.   If you are avid coffee drinkers as we are and share our ritual of a Tim's coffee to start the day (as I believe most honest Canadians do!)...   you may want to get your kids involved in the fun of Roll up the rim.  For some reason, my children think it's very exciting to see if we win so we have started keeping track of our wins (actually we haven't won yet!!!)....but this teaches your kids about surveying ...."Dad, did you win yet?"  "Mom, did your cup win today?"....then you can take this survey info and make a graph to display your wins and losses....   This is a great beginning math activity for your little ones and can be a fun competition between mom and dad!   Thought I'd share this idea with you....as for the connection with allergies.   Well, Tim Hortons basically says, if you have allergies...don't eat here.   Fair enough but we still get Kate an apple juice and Mom and Dad have our daily fix....  

Super-Charge Me Cookies!

The Allergy Mom is making Super-Charge Me Cookies from Dreena Burton's Blog....they are delicious, healthy and the kids love them! I substitute SUNFLOWER SEED butter for the nut butters suggested. Check them out:

Dreena Burton's Super-Charge Me Cookie Recipe

Scroll down the page until you get to this particular recipe on her blog...

Check out her blog...and her websites...and her cookbooks. She makes yummy food!