Allergy Safe Advent Calendar!

I am beyond excited about this one!  For the past few years, we have done the non-chocolate variety ...we have an advent calendar with little decorations which is really quite cute.  Low and behold, EVERY YEAR, without fail, someone would buy our kids the chocolate kind!  How do you tell one child he can't have it because it isn't fair for his sister with food allergies?  We would offer her other treats in lieu of the hidden chocolates behind the doors but who were we kidding?  We all know the excitement and fun of an advent calendar isn't the actual chocolate as much as the thrill of getting to open it every day and then eating the chocolate!  In fact, I've never found the chocolate to be that good in one of those things (not that I wouldn't eat it anyways!).

Blah, blah, blah...(hence the name of my blog!).....the point is...this year my milk, egg, peanut, tree-nut allergic daughter gets to have an advent calendar!!!! yay!!!  Only an allergy mom can relate to this kind of excitement!

The last time I was this excited was when she got that Easter bunny from Blue Bear Aware on Easter morning....that is still a great memory!

I have just ordered 2 calendars from Guardian Angel Foods and I can't wait for them to arrive!  The shipping charges are reasonable (they come from Quebec) and will ship within Canada.  Not sure about the U.S...  Check out their site and see all the great stuff they have cooking there:
(Love the slogan: "May Contain Traces of ....happiness").

I bought one for my son as well so that they both have the same (sibling rivalry and all) and for safety reasons so that I don't have to worry about them getting mixed up!

Well that's my first gift of the season!  :)

The Allergy Mom

P.S.  Check this out!  Blue Bear Aware has a special promotion on right now:  Buy anything from Blue Bear Aware for $45 or more and you can purchase one of these Allergy Safe Advent Calendars for only $1.99!

Here's a copy of their ad from their blog:

Chocolate Advent Calendars have arrived!

Behind every door on your Advent Calendar is a peanut free, nut free, egg free and dairy free chocolate! A wonderful way to count down the Holiday Season, especially if your son or daughter has never been able to have such a calendar in the past!

When you place an order of $45.00+, purchase an advent calendar for $1.99 at Blue Bear Aware. This offer is valid until November 8th, 2010. Place the code XAC10 in the coupon box at the check-out.